I’ve been telling the Universe that I need help organizing parts of my life i.e meal planning, and getting my personal business done.  I haven’t had the chance to search for a planner or even think as far as “I need a planner”.  When I saw Gafra’s email I almost didn’t open the gift thinking “I’ll flag this for later”….but I clicked and wow…planner! 

What I really like about this planner is how simple it is to use. I started doing a mental happy dance when I saw the Meal Planner and Grocery List as its exactly what I needed. I’m still creating my first ever meal plan using recipes from Instagram and I like that I can jot down the ingredients I don’t have, then transfer them to the Grocery List. 

What I also enjoy is how easy it is to adjust the planner to my needs. The Today’s List is ideal for my weekly tasks. I use the top area for my business tasks and the top 3 area for personal business (which needs some attention!)
Overall, this planner is simple and easy to use, has friendly colours, font and design, and is adaptable and relevant to my needs. Thanks Gail 🙂


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