Tips for Staying Sane While Working At Home

Hi Guys….we’re all dealing with the craziness and uncertainty of this situation with COVID-19 and what the future brings. And on top of the bigger anxieties, we have the issues of working from home, with kids and adjusting to this new way of life. We aren’t eve sure how long this is expected to last but we have to go on and we have to keep the family, companies and country going.

I’ve worked from home for years so I’m used to it but most people aren’t and my clients find it strange, and even uncomfortable. As you know I am a Business coach so I hear daily how they’re adjusting. So I hope these tips will be helpful to those of you who are new to remote work. 

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How To Build Yourself Up During This Time Of Covid 19

Hi Guys….so we’re all house bound and have gone into panic mode. I’f you’re like me then you’re not in panic mode and you’re simply taking things in stride. We need to take this seriously but it also means a change in lifestyle for a little while (hopefully). We now have to find creative ways to deal with our kids, for those who have their children with them; we also now have to deal with our spouses who may have to do their work from home and we also have our work to do from home as well as entertain the family.

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Why Self Improvement Despite Covid 19?

Hi guys….yes it’s crazy out there but we need to keep going and that’s why I’m saying to you that one way I help my clients redirect their fears, anger, disappointments or whatever emotion they’re experiencing that’s causing them to very unhappy….is to do something that you’ve needed to do for years. So during this period where we are all home bound, the positive of every negative is that we are now getting the chance to work on or do those things we always wanted to try, like…exercise (do it indoors), write a book or blog post (research on youtube, google or Pinterest ho w to do this, develop a plan for our future (make a plan for when this is over especially if you may not have the same type of life as you had before. You have to organise and plan what you’re going to do to maybe deal with a lack of finances or you may have to look for a new job or you may have masses of work to catch up with if you’re not working from home presently.

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Coronavirus: The Time is Now, Use the Time Wisely

Hi Guys….soooo with all of this Covid 19 situation most of us, if you’re like me, are now home bound. No none of my family members have the virus but we as a family decided to curb going out too much to at least decrease the possibility of getting it at this point. But this means that as a world wide community we have to find ways to entertain ourselves and stay busy.

That’s why I’m taking this opportunity to complete some of the things I’ve always wanted to but because of my job, I never get the time to, such as create an Online Course. Paint, plan out my Online Art Business and relax. So with the Online Course, I’ve been doing my research and as my area of expertise is Personal Development, I’m designing an Online Course in Personal Development and I’ll bring it out soon. So what are you going to do during this period of quarantine? While you are house bound what are some of things you can think of to. Are you going to try painting, writing a book or ebook, plan out some other things you’ve wanted to do, learn to do tai chi via youtube?….What’s the activity you’re getting an opportunity to start?

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Podcast: When You Feel Something Is Missing In Your Life

Hi guys…lay pondering life as I relaxed in bed this morning and this is what I was thinking about, just wanted to share:

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: When You Feel Something is Missing In Your Life

Podcast: What is Success to Me.

Hi guys….yep been on the Podcast Anchor again. I don’t know but recently I’ve been getting up in the morning with these thoughts in my mind and feeling or being pulled to place it in audio and share. I don’t talk long I just share my thoughts at that point in time via these brief recordings. I have to say though that they can be quite freeing and I guess they are almost therapeutic and need that based on the business I’m in.

Dealing with people’s challenges both personal and business can be quite draining and you really need to find an outlet or outlets to relieve yourself of the burden of all the negativity or it could become stressful for you even though the issues aren’t directly yours but they feel that way especially as you’re there to help the person solve it. This goes for everyone in different ways. Fir me The burden comes from the field that I’m in but for you it could be the people that are in your life or around you are pulling you down or making your life emotionally difficult.

You love them and may not be able to move away from them right now so you definitely need to find a way to dump the emotional weight you carry or you could fold under. That’s why I encourage you to find something that lightens that burden, something that make you feel really good, that makes you feel free. Whether its woodwork, gardening, painting, cooking, biking….anything that removes that burden and brings you back to wholeness to be able to deal with the stresses of your personal or business life.

To be able to go another round with whatever you’re facing. My way is art, blogging, and now podcasting….if it can ge called that. So I hope this one is cool and that you enjoy it.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Gafra’s Let’s Chat Ep2 – What Success is to me—What-Success-is-to-me-e8bq96

Squarespace vs. WordPress – 2020 Review

Hi guys,…how is everyone? Great? Very good to hear that. I’m doing this post because one of my followers mentioned that she was a beginner on WordPress so I mentioned that I found Squarespace is much easier to use but she didn’t know what Squarespace was. I told her I would do a post on it so she can find out more. So I did the post in February 2019 and as we’re in February 2020 I decided to give an update based on what i’ve experienced to date with both platforms.

I’ll leave some of the general info for those of you not familiar with either platform, then I’ll get into my comments.

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Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago: Jouvert & More Jouvert

Hi Guys… this is a special post as I just had to share it now. So I went JOUVERT and I had a ball, my legs are like mush now but at least I was able to get some rest as no one goes to work on Ash Wednesday and as I have my own Business I am definitely not going anywhere. Jouvert was on Carnival Monday morning, we got up at 2am got ready in out costumes and headed out to the meeting point which is The Oval. The Oval also happens to be where most of the top Cricket matches are played, but that’s an aside.

When we arrived we parked then you head straight for the drinks truck as with any jouvert band your fee includes breakfast, drinks and bathroom amenities (we usually have a portable bathroom truck on the road with us). We got our drinks…a rum and coke for me and my husband got scotch and coconut water. We then waited around for our friends, if you’re hungry there are individuals selling corn soup and doubles. 2 great staples in any Trinidad lime. I didn’t get any as my fee included breakfast later when we returned from the dancing through the streets.


Then the trucks start moving out followed by every single person all wearing the same cooky outfit. See the video below. The theme for our jouvert band which is called Duck Crew was Cat in a Hat, so we wore red and white striped socks and hats and tees with the duck crew mascot. Fun and funny. As we left, and it was sooooo early in the morning it was dark and all the flickering lights came from our top cat in a hat hats. Too cute.

So that was me at the beginning…I forgot to mention that while we wait to leave we go get rubbed down with paint. Jouvert is al about being messy, some bands use cocoa to mess you up, some paint, some mud, some powder, some powder and paint….it doesn’t matter what is used but each band prides themselves on being the best at whatever medium they use to mess you up.

Once we’re on the road then i tend to stick close to the music truck so I can hear and dance to the music an we follow the trucks as they head to the Savannah Stage where we normally cross the carnival Stage and jump like we’ve never jumped before. Of course there is also a lot of “wining” and gyrating and doing whatever dance move you feel drawn to do. It is just a time to let go of all stresses, feel free to just enjoy yourself with great people, dance all through the streets and simply have loads of fun. Mant people have freinds who come to Trinidad just to experience our Carnival because it’s unlike any anywhere els….take it from me….it’s very different.

Now this band is bbbbbiiiigggg, I mean it wrapps around the corner and just goes on. See here.

As fas as you could look you’re seeing red striped hats…lol and i’m short so I couldm\n’t give you a great overhead view and it’s dark because it was so dam earlyyyyy!!!! let me see if I can give you a better view when it’s gotten a little brighter. We tend to parade and dance through the streets from 3:45 am to 9:00am and when we get back to our starting point at the Oval that’s when we GET BREAKFAST!!!! because after crolicking throughthe streets for hours one builds up a major ppetite…actually I tend not to be too hungry..anyway look at another video.

So we’re back at the starting point and this is what we look like as everyone starts going to the different tents to get their breakfast which is part of what you get in the cost of being in the band. compared to many Trinis I haven’t been playing jouvert for very long…this year is my sixth or seventh year…there are people who’ve been playing since they were 6years old in bands like the blue devils and black bats. It’s even a tradition with some families that every year the family plays and they pass it down from generation to generation.

As I mentioned I’ve played with basically 2 bands…Cocoa Devils and now the Duck Crew. Why? because both bands are very well organised, there is a lot of security so no unknowns can enter or come between the masqueraders and bother us, and they are well organised for food, transport, security, bathroom facilities and more. These were some of my former Jouvert times:

Here is an view of the band and see the last video below to see us getting breakfast.

I apologise in advance for how the video turns, I guess I lay down from tiredness…. lol

So Guys….that’s all for now…I beat! I’ll check you all next week. I may put all these videos together and make one for youtube. You can always check there if you’re not seeing the vidoes well here….my channel is Gafra’s Smart Art.

Bye guys…luv yuh !!!

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