The Launch of My Virtual Art Exhibition

Hi Guys…on June 28th 2020 at 4:00pm my time I’ll be launching my Virtual Art Exhibition. It will be a sharing, a bit of music, and a tour. I’m attaching my intro video and Facebook ad. If you’re interested in getting the zoom link directly then send me your email address so you can getContinue reading “The Launch of My Virtual Art Exhibition”

5 Things I Would Like To Change About My Industry – Coaching…

Hi guys…when I say my industry I mean Coaching. As you know I am an Executive coach and I work with a variety of different companies from Banks, to Retail Stores, to Government offices, to Oil Companies, Insurance Companies and more, but there are certain things I would change based on how coaches and coachingContinue reading “5 Things I Would Like To Change About My Industry – Coaching…”

No Garden of Your Own at this Time, Then Share Mine

Hi Guys…..was in my garden and decided to do a short video to share my garden for those who don’t have access to any plants or greenery because we are all home bound. Plants are so uplifting and sitting in my garden helps ease the tension of the day, so I hope this helps atContinue reading “No Garden of Your Own at this Time, Then Share Mine”

Despite Covid – Lets Go To My Art Exhibition

Hi guys….during this time I’ve been keeping busy. I was also supposed to have my Art Party/Exhibition at the end of the month, but that’s a no go due to Covid. So I did some research…you know me… and I tried to find other ways to maybe set up a Virtual Exhibition and guess what??!!Continue reading “Despite Covid – Lets Go To My Art Exhibition”

PODCAST: Look For The Positives In Life

Hi guys….so Carnival is over and I was just lying in bed and these thoughts came to me and I decided to share them with you. Things are challenging right now in our economy but its bad all over the world, so it’s based on how you deal with the difficulties. Hope you listen andContinue reading “PODCAST: Look For The Positives In Life”

What Tools , Software & Equipment I Use On -The-Go

Hi Guys…. just wanted to share a little about my everyday runnings and what I use on the go and in general. As you know today’s workforce is on the move, but staying productive while traveling can be challenge. How do you get work done on-the-go? Do you have a list of your favourite mobileContinue reading “What Tools , Software & Equipment I Use On -The-Go”

10 Things People Can’t Do Without

Hi Guys…I was checking out different ways to make money online with different jobs…you might have read my blog post on the “The Truth About Blogging” or “The Truth About Passive Income”….anyway in checking some of the sites recommended by a particular young woman  called Kat…there was a site that paid you for your postContinue reading “10 Things People Can’t Do Without”