PODCAST: Look For The Positives In Life

Hi guys….so Carnival is over and I was just lying in bed and these thoughts came to me and I decided to share them with you. Things are challenging right now in our economy but its bad all over the world, so it’s based on how you deal with the difficulties. Hope you listen andContinue reading “PODCAST: Look For The Positives In Life”

What Tools , Software & Equipment I Use On -The-Go

Hi Guys…. just wanted to share a little about my everyday runnings and what I use on the go and in general. As you know today’s workforce is on the move, but staying productive while traveling can be challenge. How do you get work done on-the-go? Do you have a list of your favourite mobileContinue reading “What Tools , Software & Equipment I Use On -The-Go”

10 Things People Can’t Do Without

Hi Guys…I was checking out different ways to make money online with different jobs…you might have read my blog post on the “The Truth About Blogging” or “The Truth About Passive Income”….anyway in checking some of the sites recommended by a particular young woman  called Kat…there was a site that paid you for your postContinue reading “10 Things People Can’t Do Without”

Tips for Staying Sane While Working At Home

Hi Guys….we’re all dealing with the craziness and uncertainty of this situation with COVID-19 and what the future brings. And on top of the bigger anxieties, we have the issues of working from home, with kids and adjusting to this new way of life. We aren’t eve sure how long this is expected to lastContinue reading “Tips for Staying Sane While Working At Home”

How To Build Yourself Up During This Time Of Covid 19

Hi Guys….so we’re all house bound and have gone into panic mode. I’f you’re like me then you’re not in panic mode and you’re simply taking things in stride. We need to take this seriously but it also means a change in lifestyle for a little while (hopefully). We now have to find creative waysContinue reading “How To Build Yourself Up During This Time Of Covid 19”

Why Self Improvement Despite Covid 19?

Hi guys….yes it’s crazy out there but we need to keep going and that’s why I’m saying to you that one way I help my clients redirect their fears, anger, disappointments or whatever emotion they’re experiencing that’s causing them to very unhappy….is to do something that you’ve needed to do for years. So during thisContinue reading “Why Self Improvement Despite Covid 19?”

Coronavirus: The Time is Now, Use the Time Wisely

Hi Guys….soooo with all of this Covid 19 situation most of us, if you’re like me, are now home bound. No none of my family members have the virus but we as a family decided to curb going out too much to at least decrease the possibility of getting it at this point. But thisContinue reading “Coronavirus: The Time is Now, Use the Time Wisely”