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Hi guys… I read this a few years ago and recently found it again so I decided to share this with you guys, because in these times it is something we really need to consider. We are at a point where we have to seriously think about what we want for ourselves for the rest of our life after Covid. So I hope this helps some of you and I do apologise for my late post, staying on top of posting twice a week is not easy so I will probably post just once a week or as I can. Here is the information by woman called Lisa Brown who send these out at least I used to get them but I haven’t received these sharings in a few year. I hope they help you or make you think:


Here’s a great tip on how to stop procrastinating for real so you can take action on your goals and explode your success.To use this tip, we need to understand that our will power is strongest in the morning. In his time management program “Wake Up Productive”, Eben Pagan says that we want to “routine-ize” our high value activities and do them at the same time every day.

There are two steps:

1. First, figure out which task will move the needle. Which task is most important? Which one will give you the most leverage?

For those of you not familiar with leverage, it is the one tiny action that gives you the ‘biggest bang’ for your buck.

Example: When it comes to investing money, the technique that will give you the biggest leverage is compound interest. Albert Einstein even called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world.

There was a study done by UNLV. Researchers asked, “What would happen if we went out in 1976 and we bought every stock Buffet buys and sell when Buffet sells?” The researchers stipulated that they we would buy the stock on the last day of the month on the worst price of the last day. They would not have any special information.

Well, here’s what would have happened to you if you did that:

You would have beaten the market every year except for four years. Your overall rate of return would be 24.6% per year, which doubles your money every three years.

If you had invested $10,000 with Buffet 30 years ago, you would now have more than 7 million dollars. And if you got a rate of return of 26%, you would now have 14 million dollars.

That’s leverage. 

This to me is an opportunity to do some introspection and plan out what you will have to do when this is over because there will be, in my mind, a lot of changes to not only who and what companies do but also how people will live their lives. There will be changes and although most people say they like change….most do not. I took this opportunity to develop a self improvement course for those who would like to start planning out what changes they will need to make not only with themselves but with how they pursue their lives. The course is free and I wanted to coach people during this period when we have nothing else to do.

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2. Once you’ve determined your highest leverage activity, do it FIRST thing in the morning. 


Because, says Pagan, when we procrastinate, all that’s happening is that we are resisting doing something DIFFERENT than our daily routine. He says, “You already do the same things at the same time, every day, automatically.”

By creating rituals that become a daily habit, we no longer need will power to be highly productive and effective. Our mind and body will automatically want to do our high value tasks, simply out of habit.

I personally learned the power of rituals when I became a parent.

From the first day of my daughter’s life, she has had the exact same bedtime ritual every night, ending with a 7:00 pm bedtime.

Her mind and body are so conditioned to go through this ritual and climb into bed at 7:00 pm that she will do it, even if she is not tired at all. (Of course, she doesn’t always go to sleep at 7:00 pm. Sometimes she has a ‘party for one’ that involves telling stories to her stuffed animals. But that’s her business, not mine.)

If you’ve ever seen a child’s intense desire to extend her bedtime, you can appreciate how powerful such a ritual can be.

“I can attest to this as well because from babies I got my kids into a routine and at first it isn’t easy because they will scream their heads off to get their way, but when they realise that that doesn’t work they eventually give up an conform as do most humans, but you have to be the strong one and not give in”…

Taking control of ourselves so we can explode our personal power, our career success, and our financial wealth is the formula for success and abundance.


Want to achieve any goal in 30 days or less?

Then I suggest you cultivate extraordinary coaching power. People who achieve big goals fast understand that you cannot succeed alone. To accomplish anything worthwhile, you need to eliminate FEAR.

Eliminating fear is absolutely the KEY, because it is fear that holds us back from reaching our potential.

Fear is, and always has been, the great enemy of human achievement.

But…here’s the rub…there’s very little information out there on eliminating fear that actually works. I learned this myself first-hand years ago.

After testing virtually every self-help technique (cognitive therapy, NLP, hypnosis, meditation, positive thinking, energy medicine, goal-setting, journaling) I realized none of them work very well to eliminate fear and here is another tip:

In helping others, you also transform yourself. There’s an old adage. “Who you are is shouting at me so loudly I can’t hear a word you say.”

To succeed and help others we need to walk the talk. That means mastering yourself first.Once you do that then you set the goals that you now understand what those are. Then start executing on those goals.

Fear has always been the great enemy of human achievement. Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist, said that the the story of human race is the story of people selling themselves short.

One reason why fear is so difficult to master is because most people assume their fears are caused by external events.

You see a news story on the recession and you start worrying about money.

Your staff makes a mistake and your stress goes through the roof.

Your husband acts distant and you start a fight.

Convincing, isn’t it?

The truth is, most fear does not come from external events at all.

It comes from deep inside.

I’m talking about our negative beliefs. 

What exactly is a ‘negative belief’?

A negative belief is anything you think is true that is holding you back.

“I can’t sell myself.”

“Nobody listens to me.”

“I’m too old to change careers.”

“Starting a business is too risky.”

“I can’t get a raise.”

Think of a negative belief like a wound.

Every time a person or situation touches your wound, it hurts and scares you a bit.

That’s why we blame external events.

Now here’s the tricky part.

Most beliefs are unconscious.

We don’t even know about the belief.

All we know about is the fear, the procrastination, or the self-sabotage.

Where do negative beliefs come from?

Usually a failure or trauma from the past that’s never healed.

I was a premature baby.

Born when my mother was seven months pregnant, I weighed just 4 pounds.

I was rushed into an incubator where I stayed four weeks.

My parents weren’t allowed to hold or touch me for even a moment before I was whisked away.

My only human contact came days later when nurses were allowed to feed me.

It’s a scenario filled with abandonment pain that can lead to beliefs like “I am alone,” and “the world is a scary place.”

Watch for this emotional wound in case it gets scratched.

This way don’t over-react to people if they’re cold, insensitive, or just plain pre-occupied.

Their birth story may be unusual.

But everyone suffers loss and disappointment.

We all start adulthood with a few negative beliefs. 

In fact I’ve discovered that most people share the same three self-destructive beliefs.

These Toxic beliefs create fear and self-doubt on a daily basis, holding you back from success. Figure out what are the beliefs you have that hold you back and analyse them, question them, and see if they are relevant or even true and if not them do an exeercise of writing them on a sheet of paper then either burn it or rip it apart, because that belief is NOT TRUE!!

So guys…I hope you found this interesting as i did when I first read them. See you soon and stay safe, stay well, wear your mask and social distance.


Gail (Gafra)

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