10 Things People Can’t Do Without

Hi Guys…I was checking out different ways to make money online with different jobs…you might have read my blog post on the “The Truth About Blogging” or “The Truth About Passive Income”….anyway in checking some of the sites recommended by a particular young woman  called Kat…there was a site that paid you for your post about any 10 things that were out of the ordinary or normal but your post had to be well written and they would pay you for it. At first I considered sending in a post but changed my mind. But it did make me wonder about “what are the 10 things people can’t do without”? and what were the 10 Things I couldn’t do without?

Initially, I felt that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do without, as I am a very easy going person, but then I started to think deeper, and realised that as humans there are things we really get peeved about when we don’t have it or we get really irritable when we don’t have it easily available. I remember while at University we learned about what are the main psychological levels people go through. Yes I did Social Sciences……so Maslow’s Theory was a must. So What is Maslow’s Theory? The diagram below should help:


What this explains is that we move from one level of satisfaction to the next heading towards the fulfilment of our full potential. The thing is, you can reach your or almost reach your Self Actualisation Level but still need the Physiological Needs. You don’t really leave one level behind, never to want or need it ever again.

I then decided to google all the different sites and pull out what they all listed as peoples Top 10 Things They Can’t Do Without, then I sorted them. This is what came up:

10 Things People Can’t Do Without:

  1. Food/Eating
  2. Shower/Water
  3. Coffee/Drink
  4. Bed/Rest
  5. Family
  6. Friends
  7. Their Partner
  8. Laptop
  9. Phone
  10. TV

Isn’t this interesting? …..because they fit into the Maslow’s Hierarchy. There are things we need no matter what, ethnic background, status in society, location etc we belong to because we all seem to list the physiological needs first. Safety/Security/ love and belonging comes second and in the world today, what brings us status, respect and a unique identity?……. Social Media. Social Media is seen as the platform for building an identity or being seen and heard. But is it really? Or is it a means to get us addicted to something that feeds our need to be connected to others then to receive a level of satisfaction when we get responses or likes or subscribes (ever heard of pavlov’s dog?)


Yes guys today I’m going deep…..nah just having a good think about that simple question of what are the things people can’t do without. And to be honest, humans can do without anything once they have no choice. We are very adaptable especially if forced to. My example is….. I have within the last 2 years become very attached to my phone. Why? because I have a bunch of apps that allows me to write my blogs if I forgot to do it during the weekend and it’s due the Monday. It has my analytics showing how many people visited my site, it has games, it has my email so I can keep up with answering clients promptly. It has Youtube so I can listen to all the videos on how to do all the things I need to learn and it has my Kindle where I can read all the books I’m interested in including my Bible App to read the Word of God anywhere and at anytime.

See what I mean. I totally can’t do without it, except when the brand new phone I bought 6 months ago suddenly crashes just after I take a pic and email it to myself…..WTFudge!!!! I was pissed and to make it worst when I carried it in to bmobile…thank god the warranty was still up…it’s for them to tell me they have to keep it for 1 month for repairs and if I need a temporary phone I have to pay $250 for a temp. Didn’t I buy this from them? You would think….(You should see the scrappy temp phone I got…I need a magnifying glass to read the icons) So no phone, no blogging, no reading….etc….for the month….the month of Christmas!

But by the time 3-4 days had passed I was fine (still a little peeved) but I was used to the crummy piece of phone and finding other ways to do what I needed to do or just not bothering. No fuss, no bother. See!!!……we can do without anything if we have to. So what are my 10 things I can’t do without:

  1. Water – hate not being able to take a bath
  2. My Car – I hate being grounded and having to depend on anyone to take me where I need to go.
  3. Food – we all need to eat to survive and live
  4. My Phone – despite me adjusting I miss my damn phone!
  5. Family – without family we are nothing, husband, kids, parents, siblings
  6. Friends – I have a lot of acquaintances and a nice group of girlfriends. They keep you feeling like you belong
  7. A creative outlet and continuous learning – this keeps me sane
  8. Giving to others – I am all about helping or giving to those I love and it will never stop. I need to do it.
  9. Interacting with others – I get my energy from being around people. (yes….they can drain me as well, but that’s ok)
  10. Laughing – Laughter keeps me feeling young, and happy with life so I laugh and enjoy the things around me, simple and complex alike. (oh but don’t read me wrong I do have a temper but it is usually short lived)

That’s my list of 10. What’s yours? Did you ever think about it and where do they fall in Maslow’s Hierarchy. Hope you’re not still in the bottom rung. I think I’ve reached or am close to Self Actualisation. I’ve done and accomplished allot of what I wanted to in life so far and I still want to do more. To me life has too many prospects out there to stay doing nothing.

Hope this made you think a bit and don’t forget to click on some of my FREEBIES below, check you later this week.

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