How To Build Yourself Up During This Time Of Covid 19

Hi Guys….so we’re all house bound and have gone into panic mode. I’f you’re like me then you’re not in panic mode and you’re simply taking things in stride. We need to take this seriously but it also means a change in lifestyle for a little while (hopefully). We now have to find creative ways to deal with our kids, for those who have their children with them; we also now have to deal with our spouses who may have to do their work from home and we also have our work to do from home as well as entertain the family.

Luckily my kids are big, they’re millennials so I don’t have anything to do for them, except caution them about who they mix with and making sure we have house rules that deal with the comings and goings and how we keep the house clean and sanitised. That is the most difficult because you now have to be disinfecting a lot more and you have to be constantly conscious of what you touch and where you’ve touched so that your hands are always sanitised.

This to me is an opportunity to do some introspection and plan out what you will have to do when this is over because there will be, in my mind, a lot of changes to not only who and what companies do but also how people will live their lives. There will be changes and although most people say they like change….most do not. I took this opportunity to develop a self improvement course for those who would like to start planning out what changes they will need to make not only with themselves but with how they pursue their lives. The course is free and I wanted to coach people during this period when we have nothing else to do.

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I’m see the positives in how things are right now in the world…..not the deaths (that is totally heartbreaking) but that as a people we are being forced by mother nature to take stock of our lives, of the things we take for granted, of the earth we take for granted and its making us aware of our vulnerabilities so that hopefully man will stop doing some of the harmful things that we do to this planet.

Published by Gail Francis

Hi, I'm a mother of four, one boy and three girls ranging in ages from 26yrs to 22yrs. I own my own business that I run with my husband and we have no pets. We've had a variety of pets from dogs, cats fish etc, but things go wrong when we have pets so we decided that we are not pet people. I'm a creative person and I love to learn and share what I learn. Watercolour painting is my great love. I dream of having my art appreciated and hung on the walls of homes, offices, churches, anywhere that people can view them and start up a conversation about them. So that's a little about me, come peruse more of my site and ENJOY!!!

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