How to Coach: An Easy method

Hi guys….as you know I’ve started a series on helping you know how to do certain business activities, such as being better at planning and today I’m looking at coaching, how to coach someone, especially if they are a team member and you want them to develop.

Coaching is a process and it also takes certain charateristics within the person/coach to be able to guide others. I feel that first and formost you must like or even love people to be ble to care enough to want to coach or guide them. Lets get into this activity called coaching.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a form of development in which a person called acoach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. The learner is sometimes called a coachee.

What are some of the benefits of Coaching?

Benefits to coaching an individual include:

  • improvement in individual’s performance, targets and goals.
  • increased openness to personal learning and development.
  • increased ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues.
  • greater ownership and responsibility.
  • development of self-awareness.

What are the Key Skills Needed?

Key Coaching Skills

  • Goal-setting. Coaching is a goal-focused (or solution-focused) approach, so the ability to elicit clear, well-defined and emotionally engaging goals from a coachee is one of the most important skills for a coach to possess. …
  • Looking. …
  • Listening. …
  • Empathising. …
  • Questioning. …
  • Giving feedback. …
  • Intuiting. …
  • Checking.

I depend mainly on my intuition, experience from doing this for so many years and I built my Listening, Empathising Observation and Questioning skills. These were key for me, then came giving the feedback based on the responses given. Most people have the answer within them but they are either blocking it themselves, afraid to face it, doubt their own answers or simply want someone else to verify their answer. So communication is vital and proper communication, because we communicate with our words (verbal), tone, and our expression or body language

Why is Coaching Necessary?

When organizations coach employees, benefits to the company include: Overcome costly and time-consuming performance problems. Strengthen employees’ skills so you can delegate more tasks to them and focus on more important managerial responsibilities—such as planning.

The purpose of coaching is to improve the individual’s performance on the job. This involves either enhancing current skills or acquiring new skills. Once the coachee successfully acquires the skills, the coach is no longer needed.

Below is a list of principles that can be effectively used for coaching success.

  • The Coaching Spirit.
  • Relationship and Trust.
  • Asking Questions and Curiosity.
  • Listening and Intuition.
  • Feedback and Awareness.
  • Suggestions and Simplification.
  • Goals and Action Plans.
  • Accountability and Accomplishments.

How To Coach?

  1. First you need to determine with the coachee (and if necessary their Boss) what needs to improve. Explain and clearly describe why something needs to change
  2. Ensure the coachee understands and agrees with the necessary change. Ask.
  3. Determine what behaviours need to change to be able to achieve the end results. Set the goal.
  4. Develop an action plan or process to achieve the change in behaviour that will allow the relevant improvement. Involve the coachee. Discuss ideas for potential solutions and approaches
  5. Be there at every checkpoint of expected change to give feedback, or simply give feedback as the coachee goes along. Get to the core of what they are feeling as they start to practice different behaviours and what is their attitude?
  6. Show appreciation. Recognize positive movement or effort in order to encourage continued progress toward the agreed-upon goal

Ways To Deal With Difficult Employees

  1. Listen. Often, when an employee is difficult we stop paying attention to what’s actually going on. …
  2. Give clear, behavioral feedback. …
  3. Document. …
  4. Be consistent. …
  5. Set consequences if things don’t change. …
  6. Work through the company’s processes. …
  7. Don’t poison the well. …
  8. Manage your self-talk.

How to Coach: The Easy Method

So you have an idea about coaching, but let me give you an even easier way to coach. It’s via my Coaching planner. This has all the relevant sheets for you to follow the coaching process in a few easy steps, simply follow the flow of the pages and all the tracking and documentation you need is already done up for you, simply fill them in.

These are the pages you will receive in this printable planner:

  1. Year to date Calendar
  2. Coaching list Plan – who needs coaching, in what and the benefits
  3. Individual Coaching Plan – the plan for each person
  4. Weekly Goals Setting Sheet
  5. Coaching for the Week – The coaching ideas for the week
  6. Daily Coaching Schedule Page – the activity, Dates, status
  7. Daily Planner
  8. Daily Schedule
  9. Coaching Follow-up Tracker
  10. Coaching notes pages
  11. Coaching Planning guide

Follow the guide and it will help you easily flow through the coaching process, what could be easier. I hope this was of great help to you and try out the printable coaching planner and let me know what you think.

Later guys and I apologise for the late posting.

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