I’m On Youtube!!!!!

Hi guys…I’M ON YOUTUBE!!!!!… Yes!! I’ve joined the gang of video makers, I’ve taken the plunge. I started a Youtube channel, and I’m sure you’re wondering what it’s all about?…Welllll!!! I’m gonna tell you. First it’s under my name “Gail Francis” and as you know I love art and I love to Paint. I’ve been a self taught Artist for most of this painting life except when I took the classes in the beginning, if you can call them classes as they wee more like High tea with some wonderful older women. Anyway, check my earlier blog to read that story. So, yes I love art and I love to paint but there were lots of stuff I learned by chance, by looking at other artists or based on my research. To this day I’m still discovering tips and tricks I didn’t know about and that’s what I want to share on my channel….the tips and techniques I’ve learned. I want to share them with other start up artist who are just as confused as I was when I first started painting.

I started off with watercolours, but I’ve since diverged into acrylics and now mixed mediums. I used acrylics for my abstracts only but now I’m using them for my expressive paintings and I’ve started creating different series. One such series is my Women in the water, the other is my Daisy series, and now I’ve started my Angel series and my A Series of Feelings paintings, starting with Gratitude. I still do watercolours and I’m working on one called the Last Supper, but I tend to take longer to complete the watercolours as I keep getting pulled to the Impressionistic and abstract paintings. I also discovered Intuitive painting and this has me in a grip, as it allows me to be loose, uncaring, unafraid of mistakes and unafraid when the piece looks ugly. In fact ugly is good. What a change for me.

Here is my Intro. launch of my youtube channel:

If you’re curious for more go check out my video on How to paint an Angel. Now please note I’m a beginner at this Youtube video stuff so I still have a lot of improvements to make, but it’s a start. If you have any feedback or comment to make, all are welcomed….the good, the bad and the crazy and don’t forget to subscribe.

My Comments

I have to say though that being on youtube is fun but it’s also a lot of work. I learned today that you can’t simply upload a video once a week my making the video that week. You have to do a mass of 3-4 videos in one day then schedule the uploads once a week. No wonder people are always in the same clothes for a few different videos. Duhhhh!!! Not sure how that will work for me but it does make sense. It also means that you have to plan what you want to show and plan out all that will be needed for the 3 or 4 videos to be made. The next lengthy task is the editing. OMG!!!! That one is a pain in the butt,,,,,,fun but time consuming. People all those youtubers have to love making videos because its no simple task.

It took me a while to get the hang of editing and I’m still learning how to do certain effects. I had to use imovie on my Mac as I wasn’t able to download or pay for the fancier editing app, maybe soon. I think I’ll do a post soon on what I’ve learned when it comes to doing a youtube video, how about that?!!!! But for now I hope you enjoy the video and go check out the others. AND DON’T FORGET TO BE MY FIRST SUBSCRIBERSssssss!!!!!!

Love you guys and later

Regards, Gafra

Published by Gail Francis

Hi, I'm a mother of four, one boy and three girls ranging in ages from 26yrs to 22yrs. I own my own business that I run with my husband and we have no pets. We've had a variety of pets from dogs, cats fish etc, but things go wrong when we have pets so we decided that we are not pet people. I'm a creative person and I love to learn and share what I learn. Watercolour painting is my great love. I dream of having my art appreciated and hung on the walls of homes, offices, churches, anywhere that people can view them and start up a conversation about them. So that's a little about me, come peruse more of my site and ENJOY!!!

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