How to Paint an Angel

Hi guys…Had a great week and a busy one because I’ve been learning how to make and edit videos for my Youtube Channel. Much harder than I thought and verrrry time consuming. I’ve been able to complete one, not the best, not the smartest way to video how I do a painting, but it’s a start and I’m now learning…so don’t be too hard on me. I recently painted a 6×6 Acrylic painting of an angel on a 6×6 canvas block and i wanted to share it with you. I am also attaching a PDF of the drawing so you have the sketch to start and hopefully my video isn’t so bad that you can’t follow along.

So here goes, CHEK THE VIDEO BELOW on:

How I Painted My Angel

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Yes I know I have some improvements to make and I will, but for a first timer I’m pretty proud of myself especially since I knew nothing, and I mean NOTHING about video making or editing. So later guys and look out for more, but a little better.

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