My First Mini Podcast – My First Interview at My First Exhibition

Hi Guys….I was “liming” with my brother who is a film maker and editor and he found some recordings and film when I had my first Art Exhibition, I think in 2015. I was so good that I decided to share it with you guys. It’s funny hearing ones voice on recording but it wasn’t bad. My daughter is doing the interviewing. You will also hear some background noises of cars etc but that’s because the Location was near to a main road and we were doing this interview on the veranda/porch of the building. I chose an Old Victorian styled house for my Exhibition. I absolutely love our old time homes, which are few now.

If I can, I’ll also look for some of the pics of my art or my bro will send me the clips he took of the exhibition, they were quite good. My daughter asked me questions like these:

  • How did you get into art?
  • What would I call my style?
  • What type of paintings do I do?
  • How do I juggle art, family and work?
  • What are my future goals for my art?
  • Any advice for New Artist?

I left the entire recording from all the idle chatter and laughter at the beginning to the serious interview then to it simply fizzling to the end so you can here the bloopers and chatter that occurred with my family after, its very short though. Hope you don’t mind that so don’t pause it.



Hope you enjoyed that and if you did leave me a comment and I’ll work at doing some more where I can talk about other topics. This is kinda like my first Podcast. HEY!!!! : )

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