Rain, Rain and More Rain

Hi everyone… I was reflecting on a post I did last year and it brought back memories. We are now full circle and it’s that time of year again. our rainy season here in Trinidad & Tobago. We’ve been getting some really overcast skies and then some days some really heavy rain. Our weather here is normally hot and sunny with lots of breeze, although last year the rainy season was BADDDDD!!!! so we are normally looking to see what it will be like this year and so far it hasn’t been too bad but you never know. So check what I said last year and take a look at the painting i did. Just to let you know that painting was sold to one of my clients that I coach. YEA FOR ME!!!!

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Well lucky for me today, my afternoon appointment cancelled. By I’m an Artist, so aside from painting, I run my own Executive Coaching Business alongside my husband. Anyway, I ended up free after lunch, sooooo…I decided to go buy some soft pastels and get a few of my smaller abstract pieces matted. I’m considering doing an Art show in November, so I’ll need my work to look professional.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. Went off track there. When I got home, I zoned out working on a piece then it started to rain….and rain… and rain.. and flood it did. My husband couldn’t come home because one of the rivers overflowed its banks and covered the main access road. So he turned back, went to our favourite place to relax and eat…Vie Le France and chilled until the water subsided. Of course my friends were posting flood pics on Whatsapp like seasoned news reporters.

Todate this year the rain has been crazy. We’ve been having the worst rainy days EVER due to tropical depressions. It has rained almost every day in the last 3 weeks or more. It was so bad these few months and especially last week, that people’s houses were flooded out and they had to be rescued. It was bad!! My assistant lost everything as did a lot of other people. and one or two of my friends…and I mean they lost fridges, stoves, entire living room sets etc.

Fortunately in times like these people come together to help and give. There have been drives everywhere to get items to those in need. We will persevere and people will be re-enstated. But some homes can’t be saved and that is the difficult part. Where are these families to go. Some are lucky to have family they can turn to but what about those who don’t.

Yet this weekend its quiet as can be, as if rain never fell. This island just amazes me with the weather changes these days. OH! And the electricity went out for an hour or two but its back now. Ahhhhhh!!! Airconditioning again. This place can get pretty warm even at night. This brings me to a piece I did one weekend when the weather was a bit dismal and foggy. Yes I said foggy. I live in a valley that is surrounded by mountains so when it rains and the temperature drops it gets very misty in the mornings. It so lovely and cozy. I love it. The piece is called “Rainy Day in Santa Cruz”. It has a somber look but I hope you like it. Any feedback is welcomed. Don’t be too brutal though. Thanks.

Rainy Day in Santa Cruz

Going back to the bad rainy weather. It’s also very interesting that while some have been devastated there are other who go on with their everyday lives and were untouched by all the chaos and calamity. Life is funny that way. Some get hit hard and others don’t.


Is it that we need to learn something when these things happen? Or is it a message from the great God above? Or does he want us to think about others other than ourselves? One thing is for sure…at these times it pushes home the question…Why is the flooding so bad and getting worst? What isn’t being done or what is being done incorrectly?

Lets hope it doesn’t continue to rain so badly and people can get things back to some level of normalcy.

That year wasn’t so bad, last year people had their homes flooded out. It was bad. LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS THIS YEAR!

Check you all again next week.



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Hi, I'm a mother of four, one boy and three girls ranging in ages from 26yrs to 22yrs. I own my own business that I run with my husband and we have no pets. We've had a variety of pets from dogs, cats fish etc, but things go wrong when we have pets so we decided that we are not pet people. I'm a creative person and I love to learn and share what I learn. Watercolour painting is my great love. I dream of having my art appreciated and hung on the walls of homes, offices, churches, anywhere that people can view them and start up a conversation about them. So that's a little about me, come peruse more of my site and ENJOY!!!

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