Landscape Challenge #2

Hi guys….so lets finish off the landscape we started and I hope you were trying it. We left off where I did a simple wash of the different colours one on top of the other. Then I used my bottle that has black paint, a fairly thick mixture with a little water or you can mix black acrylic paint with a little water and have a bottle with black paint and one with white). I used my bottle of black paint to draw an outline of some hills on one of the higher washes. Do the same thing with the white paint going on the inside of the mountains.

Landscape Exerc. #4
Paint Bottles.

Also draw wavy lines moving away from the base of your mountains as if it were a river you were drawing. Let it look like waves of water if necessary. I decided to do an outline of some of the lines with a glittery paint. Only to realise that it wasn’t glitter paint but glitter glue. : 0 Ah Well !!! Think of it as mixed medium. Lol This is how the final landscape looked.

Landscape. Silvery water with glue bottle.

See how the mountains are a combination of the black and white paint intertwined but not totally mixed to make grey. you can distinguish the white lines within the black. You may need to let the black paint dry first before applying the white, if you use acrylic paint you don’t need to let the black dry first before adding the white.

Silvery Water Landscape

Silvery Water Landscape

The shiny areas are the glitter glue. use the tip of the glitter paint bottle like a pen and draw along some of the lines within the mountain or the side of the river. I hope you understood my directions, if not, I do apologise. But share with me what you created, I’m excited to see them. Remember there are no mistakes, everything is art, even using glue when you thought it was glitter paint.

These are some additional landscapes I completed. I do one a day.

Green Valley2 #5.


7th Landscape Challenge Piece.

Blue Field


8th Landscape Challenge Piece

If you enjoyed trying this let me know and I’ll explain how I did some of the others. Choose the one you like then email me at and I’ll do the blog post.

“rocky cliffs”


9th Landscape Challenge

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